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Introduction of rice transplanter2022-08-25 13:15:47
Introduction of rice transplanter

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Transplanters are usually classified according to operation mode and transplanting speed.  According to the operation mode can be divided into walking type transplanter and ride type transplanter.  According to transplanting speed, it can be divided into ordinary transplanter and high-speed transplanter.  Today mainly according to personal experience and through the network some knowledge supplement for high-speed transplanter development and personal familiar with the product combination to elaborate.  Compared with other brands, I am mainly engaged in paddy related machinery in the process of employment.  Two Japanese brands, Kubota and Yanma, are the ones most exposed to.  For Kubota, the paddy field has a fairly comprehensive operating machinery, from transplanting rice seedlings to harvesters, and then post-harvest grain processing machinery has corresponding products.  At the same time in recent years in the tractor, corn combine harvester and wheel grain combine harvester products have been introduced.  In 2008, Kubota officially put NSPU-68C into production, 12 years of development so far, the current product is NSPV-6CMD, functions are also added side fertilization, flat roller, herbicide equipment and auxiliary automatic straight equipment.  For Yangma, it is also a relatively focused paddy field manufacturer, also from transplanting rice to harvester, to the late grain processing machinery have corresponding products.  In the dry field, did not see the launch of relevant products.  In recent years, it is the multifunctional use of high-speed transplanter to promote.  In 2005, VP6 and VP8D began to sell, nearly 15 years of development, Yangma for high-speed machine research and development and multi-functional applications are more focused.  The current YR series high speed rice transplanter of Yangma has 4 models in total, with two models of 30 row space and 25 row space respectively.  The 30 - row - space model is also equipped for side - side fertilization, flat roll and line - assist driving.  At the same time for the high-speed transplanter, in terms of transplanter also put forward the dense seedling planting method, and in different regions of the country are related to the experimental planting.  At the same time, for the multi-purpose of high speed machine, the corresponding methods are also put forward, such as the development of rice direct seeding device and the transplanting device of rape blanket seedlings.  Above, I am familiar with the manufacturers and high-speed machine products.  Two of the three major paddy brands in Japan have been mentioned above. For Igseki, I don't have much contact, and I can only get some understanding through the network and the introduction of related products. My personal cognition is not deep enough to elaborate too much.  The high speed rice transplanter of Japanese brand entered the Chinese market earlier, but according to the market data of 2007, the number of sales for this kind of high speed rice transplanter is very small.  China sold 32,000 rice transplanters, including 18,000 hand-held transplanters and about 14,000 single-wheel transplanters.  After 2008, the number of more than four rows of high-speed transplanter reached more than 1000.  Then slowly domestic high-speed transplanter began to appear, let me feel that suddenly domestic high-speed transplanter began to explode in 2017, there is a high-speed machine called Stellalunar appeared, the price is less than half of the Japanese high-speed transplanter, and the operation effect is relatively recognized by users.  Since then, the market share of the three major Japanese brands declined year by year, and became defensive.  And domestic high-speed transplanter began to gradually increase the share.