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Farm Tools Animal-Drawn Plough2022-08-19 18:28:20
Farm Tools Animal-Drawn Plough

Ox-plough is a major animal drawn plow for plowing land in mountainous and hilly areas. 
Main parts include plough mouldboard, plough beam,plough wheel and handles.
First, do not shake the armrest. Reduce the labor intensity, as long as holding the handles, the plough blank width and depth can be consistent, is conducive to enhancing the quality of the plow. Simple structure, affordability and effortless operation.

This implement is broadly used for clay loam and clay soils with more than 45% clay content, which are commonly known as vertisols or Black Cotton Soils. This implement can be used with a pair of oxen. It has a single bottom mouldboard plough and in most working conditions the depth of ploughing is 20-25 ACME.

The hitching point can be adjusted height-wise and sideways tot control the working depth and stabilises the plough while in operation.

This animal plough is very popular in Africa market, suitable for small scale farming.
We can provide the plow/plough all spare parts and finishing products.

Material: Forged steel. Only the plough wheel is cast iron.
Ox plough is single furrow high performance ploughs that combine lightness in weight with sturdy construction for maximum strength.